About Shamsul Hoque School & College


The present Shamsul Hoque School & College is the conveyor of a long cherished dream of about one and a half era. This institution launched its programmes in 1989 in a tiny tin-shed house with several limitted students. But at present it has become one of the most distinguished institutions among all the institutions of Bangladesh with two five storey buildings and about eight thousand students and two hundred teachers. From its inception to the present situation the institution has been occupying the position among the top ten institutions in Bangladesh in PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC Examinations each. So based on the past results of the institution, this year it has occupied the 4th position in the ranking of the planning branch of the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education depart ment to promote the standard of education . For increasing the beautification of the institution in different phases, our efforts and eagerness have been constant without any interval and these spirits will be ever continuing in future

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Our Mission


  • A well disciplined and routine bound live of the students while studying here.
  • Ensuring mutual co-operation among the teachers, students and guardians.
  • Taking class Test, Weekly Quiz Test, Monthly Model Test. Semester Test, Promotion Test, Pre-Test and Test Exam.
  • Paying special attention to the seemingly weaker students as well as to the brilliant…
  • Ensuring almost all types of Co-Curricular activities.
  • Acquiring ability to stop drop-out.
  • Provide a well equipped science Lab and enriched Library.
  • Having an arrangement for Home Visit and mobile internet based Edu-smart system to make the guardians alert about their children.

Our Vision


  • To create a potential and skilled manpower starting from the grass root level.
  • To ensure age-winning, technology and technical Knowledge based standard education.
  • To reach the highest peak of success(i.e. To be the 1st among the top-10 category colleges)
  • To achieve the recognition as the best college in the country
  • To bring out the Latent talents of the students
  • To spread the light of education in each and every corner not only of Demra Thana but also of the country.
  • To help to build up a mentally, morally and fully equipped nation.
  • To maintain the trend of success incessantly and thus to try to be the best